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Our capabilities

Our investment capabilities at a glance

From our international platform in Luxembourg, registered in several countries, we offer a wide range of investment solutions for investors seeking global diversification. Our product offering includes strategies in fixed income, equities and multi-asset portfolios, covering areas where we have comprehensive knowledge and experience.

Our on-the-ground expertise provides in-depth knowledge of the local markets and hence allows us to maximize investment opportunities.

We offer a broad and comprehensive product offering in all asset classes in the countries where we have presence. In Latin America we come on the footsteps of the Group, where it is the biggest Bank in the Region, providing global solutions as well as purely local product expertise in Latin-American Corporates, Latin-American Equities, European Equities and Infrastructure debt.


Delivering the best of our capabilities in Multi asset allocation across all liquid asset classes designed to meet the needs of investors in today’s increasingly challenging markets.

We managed outcome oriented solutions to our global clients through our GMAS team from pure beta strategies to systematic and fundamental balanced portfolios at different parts of the risk spectrum

We provide a wide offering that is implemented via the following solutions: Risk Profiled, Passive +, Low Volatility, Balanced, Income and Total Return.


Our equity investment specialists offer deep rooted expertise in our core local markets. From quantitative to growth or value strategies, we aim to deliver consistent investment results to our clients.

Our offer comprises a wide range of actively managed strategies covering:

1.   Global, regional and single country equity strategies.
2.   Different capitalisation focus, from large-cap to mid and small-cap.
3.   Multiple investment styles.
4.   Income solutions.

Fixed Income

Our fixed income capability, offers deep experience and expertise across a broad range of assets and markets, combined with strong risk management processes. We seek to deliver consistently strong and risk-adjusted returns.

Fixed income solutions include:

1.   Global and regional strategies with special focus in Latinamerica.
2.   Short duration spectrum.
3.   Investment Grade.
4.   Covered Bonds.

Santander GO

Santander GO stands for "Global Opportunities".  It is a collection of products managed by external Investment manager through a partnership agreement. These firms were selected on the basis of their performance and its consistency over time, and their recognition within the asset management industry, particularly as concerns their operational and control capabilities. Santander Asset Management has tailored its products to the customers' profile and have control over the risks of each vehicle.

This initiative has the aim of enhancing our value proposition, offering our clients the best products, through an efficient combination of internal and external capabilities.